Bunk Beds For Kids: 20 Space-Saving Design Ideas You’ll Love

Low Bunk Beds For Kids

When it comes to your children’s bedrooms decorating and finding the most sensible furniture can become a challenge. You want to keep as much of the floor space available as possible to reduce clutter but you need to make sure you have the comfortable sleeping areas for them as well. Bunk beds for kids rooms can be an ideal solution that meets yours and your children’s needs. Whether you have one or more children a bunk bed system can be ideal for every kid’s room.

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Types Of Bunk Beds For Kids

There are a variety of styles and designs you can choose from when looking at bunk beds for your kids some of these designs offer a variety of different features that can help parents out a great deal in terms of storage and sleeping arrangements.

Standard designs

Standard bunk beds for kids offer a simple design. These bunk beds typically come in metal or wood frames. They offer an upper and lower bunk area. These beds are great to add to your kids room if you children share a room or if they are at the age where sleepovers are becoming a regular weekend routine.


L-shaped bunk beds for kids offers more storage options. They are typically made from a wood structure that features drawer unites and/or shelves. The design features an upper and lower bunk bed area but unlike the standard design where the beds lay parallel underneath one another in the L-shaped design the beds are perpendicular to each other creating an ā€œLā€ shape.

Loft Beds

Loft beds are a highly versatile bunk bed for kids. These designs can be easily changed to allow for a second bed to be added underneath or the space under the bed area can be used for a desk area, to house dressers or toys. These beds can feature a futon or daybed area that can be perfect for those weekend sleepovers.

Triple Bunk Bed For Kids

If you have two or more kids in the same bedroom than this is the ideal bunk bed for kids furniture piece you will want in their room. These bunk beds tend to offer three separate beds or bunk areas, two on the top and one on the lower area. These types of bunk beds typically come in a corner L-shape and feature a unique additional area that can be used for drawers, shelves, or even a small desk area. Triple bunk beds can be a huge space saver while keeping all the comforts your kids need and will love.

Whether you have one or more kids finding the right bed for them can be a challenge. Parents want a multifunction bed that allows for optimum storage and the least amount of clutter, where kids are going to want a comfortable place where they can play and have friends over. Bunk beds for kids is a way you can please everyone. With a variety of designs and additional features there is a bunk bed that can perfectly fit in your kid’s room without taking up all the space.