15 Artsy Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Printable Bathroom Wall Decor

Design your bathroom wall decor further than random hooks and towel bars. You can unwind at night in the tub or prepare in the morning for work by creating a welcoming and private haven in an ideal space of the bathroom. Consider the deficient and the most important things of your bathroom when deciding wall decorations. Decorative wall accessories have many different options whether for shelving space more or vibes.

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More Function

Provide your bathroom with more options for storage on your blank walls by mounting several decorative ledges or a small shelving unit. Artificial flowers, candles, jars of soaps neatly folded hand towels and washcloths, and bath salts are ornamental and functional objects you can place on them. Choose the shelves based on the amount of available wall space you have. It might work best with a small shelving unit for a small amount of space. Consider several different lengths decorative ledges if you have plenty of space.

More vibes

You can create a soothing vibe in your bathroom and add visual significance to your bathroom wall decor with Sconces. Without adding in excess of extra light, revamp your bathroom by mounting some sconces on your walls in your bathroom for primary lighting with vanity lights or ceiling lights or both. Use soft light bulbs in sconces with mini lampshades to make your bathroom feeling composed. Consider glass shades around the bulb in face-up sconces to add your bathroom lighting a bit more personality. Add design to your bathroom walls in the proper amount and boost your current lighting with an array of sizes, styles, and colors Sconces.

More Art

Placing sculptures, wall art, or pictures will include design and color in your bathroom. Give your bathroom a sense of delight and vivacity using appealing pieces. A circular metal candle holder or a metal tree is attractive wall sculptures you can consider that complement with your bathroom wall decor.

More Illusion

Give your wall a set of decorative mirrors to make your bathroom reflect more light and feel bigger. Avoid overpower the space so keep mirrors in scale with your bathroom if you use mirrors in different sizes or all the same size. When the wall is at a 90-degree angle to, opposed or outlying from your current vanity mirrors, it works best mounting small mirrors on walls. Use the identical size mirrors for every wall for decorating a few different walls, and make organized feeling in your bathroom wall decor by mounting them at the same heights.